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Violet Sorceress

So this is my FIRST EVER ATTEMPT at making a VR character, and I'm satisfied that she came out mildly decent. NAME: Tonnako Hexzuki AGE: 17 OCCUPATION: Sorceress ALIGNMENT: Good SKILLS: Dark magic, hand-to-hand combat, master of stealth and disguise WEAPONS: Staff of Evanora PERSONALITY: Confident and bold in battle, but can be socially awkward in 'crowds of congratulations'. Her humour is sarcastic and cocky. Despite the confidence act, she has an empathetic side, too. BIO: After removing a passed sorceress's staff from it's resting place within forbidden castle ruins, Tonnako became encrypted with dark magic, transforming her into one of the most powerful magic users in all the land.

Violet Sorceress's models