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Select two poses to animate your VRoid character! PoseMixerAR is an application that allows you to apply your own animations to your favorite characters. You can use it for various purposes such as creating illustrations, making cartoons, watching animations, and creating images for social networking sites. ポーズを2つ選択!VRoidキャラクターをアニメーション! PoseMixerARは、好きなキャラクターに作成したアニメーションを適用できるアプリです。 イラスト作成、マンガ作成、アニメーション鑑賞、SNS用画像作成など様々な用途にお使いいただけます。

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MobileiOS / Android



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Models of [For all ages]

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Sexual acts: YES / Violence: YES / Individual commercial use: YES - For-profit use (donations): YES

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VRM1.0 / VRM0.0