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About this app

お気に入りのキャラクター、音声を組み合わせて創るアシスタントアプリ です。 音声認識、コマンド入力で動作します。対話シナリオ、音声データは随時アップデート配信中。 簡単な挨拶、音楽再生、天気予報の他、IFTTT Webhooks連携で家電操作も可能です。(要 IFTTT対応のスマートリモコン) 工作用紙と透明アクリル板で作る疑似ホログラムスタンドの図面も以下で無料公開中。 アプリと組み合わてちょっとだけ裸眼立体視を体験できます。 This is a character assistant app that you can combine your favorite character models and voices. It works with voice recognition and command input. Dialogue scenarios and voice data are updated continuously. Simple greetings, play music, add memo, you can also control home appliances using IFTTT Webhooks integration. (* required a IFTTT-compatible smart remote controller) Character voices are still be in Japanese, but it will work when spoken to in English. Also, fabrication procedures of a Pepper's ghost stand that can be made with cardboard and transparent acrylic board are published below. When combined with this app, you can experience a bit of stereopsis. (free)

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