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Osashi様コラボレーション 『Cat brothers』 Osashi様が条件の緩いキャラを作成してくれたのでつくりました。 Daichi くん 作者:Osashi さま Twitter : #Daichi #Osashi #牧瀬悠宇 #少年 #男の子 #kid #ネコミミ#ぶりはまウェア
Ok ^^ I'm new to Hub Vroid and I want to take a picture with you too. You so cute.
10 months ago
I hope you like it. I also hope that you will make a character with loose conditions so that you can make a picture together. I look forward to working with you. thank you.
thank you >< 一緒に写真を撮ってよかったです。characters don't show much face. I fix it in future ♥♥♥