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Super-Shy: You suffer from an excess of shyness, being a bit of a pushover, and are easily bullied around by nasty creatures. Uncomfortable about speaking in public and in general hating attention, you might freeze in these circumstances, even if something important is at stake. Fear: A pony with this quirk gets spooked by lots of things, or perhaps is very scared of one thing. Maybe it's snakes, maybe it's geights, but whatever it is chills you to the bone and makes your mane stand on end. This quirk can be taken multiple times-each time you take this quirk you must choose a different fear. Blood lust: Aurora when under extreme stress or a lager amount of blood is present she will go into a blood lust. Using her fangs to kill anyone around. Best thing to do is knock her out, or try your luck talking her down. After she is snapped out of it most of the time she will freak out curl into a ball and cry. The thing she hats the most is that she even after this loves the taste of blood. Trying her best to prevent it from happening again.