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Tried dancing with My VRoid model MiiA, 死神 (米津玄師) acoustic arrange ver./Dazbeeee COVER 死神 (米津玄師) acoustic arrange ver./ダズビー COVER (ver 2.0) - CREDIT - ■ Original Song :「死神」米津玄師殿 ■ Arrange Song : 死神 (米津玄師) acoustic arrange ver./ダズビー COVER  ダズビー殿  arrange. Wolya殿  twitter @Moon_light125 ■ Oh my...This PV motion data is for other song '[A]ddiction'  Dance : 足太ぺんた殿  Motion : [A]ddiction_どっと式_PVキット用.hino殿  MMD-PV:MMD杯ZERO [A]ddiction PV構築キット配布 . MAO殿 SpecialThanx:10don殿 Character:(original Cat-Girl MiiA) Character Dress:seiyastudio殿 ■Tool: VRoidStudio ClipStudio DX VRM Live Viewer VRM Automatic Photographing Thank You ! 感謝申し上げます。 "死神(shinigami:Grim Reaper)" is one of Rakugo program. Rakugo (落語) is a form of yose, which is itself a form of Japanese verbal entertainment. #死神 #米津玄師 #VRoid #ダズビー #Dazbeeee #mmd #jpop #Addiction #dance #踊ってみた
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