"roses, bones, and bittersweet memories" Credits Models: -Necromancer, daughter an ghost made by me in vroid and converted to pmx with VRoid2PMXconverter( converter by miu bowlroll.net/file/267190 ) -Skeleton(on the left & the skeleton hands on the chair) by peachmilk3d on DeviantArt www.deviantart.com/peachmilk3d/art/Skeleton-DOWNLOAD-495406287 Poses by me Accessories & stage: -Roses converted by NiladTheRouge recoloured by Reseliee www.deviantart.com/reseliee/art/Roses-DL-421279252 -Gothic room by にくきゅー bowlroll.net/file/98557 -Gothic chairs and bone lamps by ツチネコ bowlroll.net/file/54187 (chairs) bowlroll.net/file/267219 (lamps) -Gem stick("edited" by putting a bone lamp with a gem on the end) by 中微子夹心饼干 bowlroll.net/file/242347 Effects used: -Raycast by rui (I edited some materials to add normal maps to them) -Autoluminous by Sovoro -Al_Glowmap by Mfakane -Postrimlighting Mfakane -Collapse by 折鶴P Color correction, minor editing + drawing of the night sky in the window made in Paint tool Sai v2 #MMD #VRoid #goth #gothic #fantasy #ghost #elf #blue #magic
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