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猫のぬいぐるみもうpろうと思ったのですが、VRM形式ファイルではテクスチャが壊れてしまうので諦めました。 I was going to upload the plush cat, but I gave up because the VRM file breaks the textures made with Blender. Credits of 3D Models: "Messy bed 2.0 (with wall mounted backboard)" by thethieme (CC NY 4.0) "UwU Cat Night Light" by PrincessMoo (CC BY 4.0) "1960s Westclox Alarm Clock" by Fishboe (CC BY 4.0) "014 Mods Desks Venge Sketchfab 2" by vestram (CC BY 4.0) "2018.281 Peacock Table Lamp" by Cleveland Museum of Art (CC0) "Sony PSP" by Ilya Ostrovsky (CC BY 4.0) "Apple Mac Pro" by SNOCK (CC BY-SA 4.0) "Apple Pro Display XDR" by crumhirnd (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) "PC in Apple IMAC Style" by ISUS (CC BY 4.0) #うちのこ #Blender #パジャマ #pajama #pyjama
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