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紅綠燈 抓,你當鬼! I don't know what name is this game in English and Japanese, so only Chinese version in this post. Sorry. #男の子 #女の子 #小学生 #Student #オリジナル #Play #Game
7 months ago
I will be happy if someone tell me what name is this game in English and Japanese. Game Rule: The name of the game in Taiwan is "紅綠燈", which means "traffic light". One player will be the ghost, others have to avoid getting caught by the ghost. If someone caught by the ghost, he or she will be the next ghost and the game will start again. If the player says "red light", the player have to stay put and the ghost can't catch him until other player touch and say "save" to relieve him from "red light". Some players get used to make namaste gesture when they are in "red light".