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"Fleet of Fog" Sverige-class coastal battleship Drottning Victoria's deck plan. She has a lapis blue hull, engraved with pure gold markings across parts of her hull, which radiates with an almost holy glow. (Which glows so bright that she practically becomes a floating Christmas tree that can be spotted from the Earth's orbit. And Ironically is unsuitable for stealth. Due to the fact that the enemy notices her before she even sees them.) As a coastal battleship, Victoria has powerful weaponry available to her, including Photon cannons, missile launchers, high-angle lasers, and a high-powered Super-Graviton Cannon. Due to Drottning Victoria/Queen Victoria being a battleship of the "Fleet of Fog", she has medium-Wave-Force armor, that will protect her from quite a few hits before reaching its saturation. #OC #oc #AokiHagane #ARP #Arpeggio_of_Blue_Steel #Original #original_character #battleship #info #ocdesign