Seductive Assassin - Dark Leo
/ Seductive Assassin - Dark Leo

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I was not satisfied with the bright leo-spotted bikini clothes for my seductive assassin girl, so I made a simple color adjustment to it. I also made her skin a tid bit darker, so the extra luminance setting would not make her shine as if she was a light bulb. :D Don't worry, all other models will stay online for you to choose and use. In Craftopia with the following settings it looks very nice now. Put saturation on 0.6 and luminance on 1.2, so you will have a darker grey bikini. Of course, the values depent highly on your own color settings on YOUR PC. If you are not satisfied, just play around with the values, until you are satisfied. You can even add more saturation for a more purple look. Extra tip: If you put the spring bone value to 2.0 her boobies bounce a bit more. =3 As always you can name her and use her any way you wish. Except commercial and avatar use. ;) I give for free. So, I wish my models to be given for free as well, and they should not be involved in money making. Just for the fun of it. In the old sense of the internet. ;) Made in VRoid, edited standard clothes. And I made some textures. Have fun! <3 P.S.: Credits not necessary, but highly appreciated. Thanks! <3


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