Pe Takata
/ Pe Takata
Age: 16 Species: Human Race: Hebrew/Japanese/Caucasian Powers: Frigidkinesis, Azure-Pyrogenesis, Azure-Pyrotechnic Blasts (ESP)

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Pe Takata is the daughter of Sylvester and Avana Takata and is a sophomore at Hope's Peak High. She is known to be bossy, bratty, boastful, spoiled, whiney, irritating, girlie, and entitled. Before Sylvester's arrest and his time as a homeless man, Pe was treated like a complete princess, bragging everyone to make them feel jealous and worthless. She would also enter a fit of anger and hatred should she not get her way, and would go out of her way to humiliate the person who angered her. After Sylvester was arrested and soon thrown out of prison to live in the streets, Pe was taken to an orphanage, where she would become a spoiled girl who wants to have everything she wanted and easily getting away with it. Pe would then move out of the orphanage via stolen money to book her own dorm room and both physically and mentally humiliate her roommate. When she was suppose to go to prom, however, her little cousin De Rokata ruined it for her after a prank gone too far, releasing a gas that turns people to zombies. Taken custody by Chris Redfield and his Wolfsquad, being attacked by Miranda, and looking at the view of a local village and medieval like structure, Pe expressed her intensive hatred towards De, telling him that he's basically the reason why nobody loves him before angrily walking away from him, leaving him crying. On her own, Pe was forced to craft a weapon of her own much to her discomfort. Upon making the final touches, her weapon is complete: a chain whip that can extend great lengths out of the handle, working as both a whip and a grapple. As she travels along the road, she eventually bumps into De, but not in a good way. Wanting revenge for ruining her prom, she readies her whip. However, Lycaons began swarming onto them and was forced to reside at a small house owned by a local woman name Luiza. Pe, along with their companions who are also kids, fight their way through the despair among them as they band together and find a way to end this madness before it spreads. After surviving, Pe's journey made her slowly open her eyes of what it truly means to have friends, and even whole-heartedly apologized to De for her actions from before, taking back her harsh comments and burning her hatred against him. Pe is now currently reliving with her father Sylvester, who is now living at the Makita Residence with his part of his created family offspring and as a changed man.


by Donkey
by agh
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