Elyza - Alien Vocalist
/ Elyza - Alien Vocalist/Guitarist
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"To all extraterrestrial lifeforms.. let my voice pierce your heart in the infinity of time-space!" Another character, an alien form, in particular, a energetic vocalist/guitarist coming from another dimension, maybe was another member of the band with Iwaki that it's the singer, Haruki the guitarist then Alyxa the drummer alien dimensional girl. Seem that some mystery envelop around this band.. maybe was a lost one or maybe not. Long time not made another one, I have a new PC and system (hd from before one). Mouse wheel still bugged but well I made it.


5 months ago
Model updated and fixed tattoo no more trasparent (the issue was I imported it on top skin, while need to import them to arm accessories-->skin). Also reverted to VRM 0.0 will publish model to the v.1 version when there will be more compatibility.


by L7Wolf
by Cxone
by 4riper
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