Sainyaka [Commission]
/ Cyber wear Pre-Debut
Sainyaka, a nine-tail fox from shrine of dreams. Sainyaka owns a shrine that offers opportunities for dreamers to achieve their wildest dreams. Besides attending to her shrine, she love to learn more of the beings of this world. Games and humans that have me most intrigued and she wishes to learn more of them. Currently, she is learning from her "mother", Riyou_kisa. Although, Sainyaka has learnt a lot from Riyou, she believes that this is where her journey of exploring this world begins~! "To new dreams to conquer & amazing adventures with friends!" -Sainyaka
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A commission for Sainyaka. @insainyaka [Twitter] [Twitch]
Mr Sancho
1 year ago
it's lunchtime what the skin doesn't do And it's so cool


by Manny
by Tovie
by Henry
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