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Model V-9-ll-2k for friends just Vilka. She works as a bouncer at a local club. Very sloppy. I don't think she wiped the ketchup off her cheek after dinner. Her hair is a different color. In the world where she lives there are not the best hairdressers and hair dye is very resistant. In fact, she thinks it's beautiful, and she's just too lazy to change anything. Very kind but distrustful. Quite well-known in its field of activity. One punch is enough for everyone. Those who do not have enough are given supplements. She hates being mistaken for a child. It's not hard to guess that strangers always take her for a child. Fiercely hates cooking. A mechanical hand is absolutely not suitable for this. Likes to watch someone else cook. Strange. She likes to break down doors because she can.She doesn't like to fix them later. A barcode reader is built into her arm. Too much power for a human. If you pay for her lunch, she will deify you. The next 5 minutes. Then she'll forget. Who are you?




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