/ Hufflepuff Uniform
wawari w

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An lovely request from Ema Spells! ~ Go follow her!! ⠀⠀ I forgot to put it here, so there it is! I also put a little hat using unity, maybe I will remake the model and post it here with the hat on! lool Socks by NicorinSHOP! - booth.pm/en/items/2524890 Cute Witch's Hat by ClintonAbbott.Art! -https://sketchfab.com/clintonabbott.art

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wawari w
1 year ago
example: Slight changes in hair color, fixing some parts of the clothes, the hue, eyes... The rest is just vroid.
wawari w
1 year ago
Hi @! MaddyTheHuman , I mostly just use Vroid Studio, but edit some of the textures in Paint Tool Sai Ver.2 (not sure if the first version has a symmetric ruler tho)
MaddyTheHuman !
1 year ago
What apps do you use to make the textures? or do you just use VRoid studio?


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by Remy
by kolkiy
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