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Grimm the Gluttonous Birth: June 2 Age: ANCIENT Zodiac: Gemini Gender: Cis Male (He/Him) Sexuality: Queer Race: ??? Likes: Violence, insulting people, a good burn, Lemon Juice, the taste of flesh and blood. Loves capybaras and guinea pigs. Dislikes: Failure of any sort, extra responsibilities and people in general. Faults: Egotistical, Temperamental, Can't help but shit talk, easily jealous and/or overprotective. Lore: Nicknamed Brother Grimm by Lemon Juice, they had met each other during a time when they both needed someone to depend on for survival. Brother Grimm used to be what his realm had defined as an Angel, however, after protecting his fellow celestials from a devastating attack from a great evil known as Ashmabob (ah-sh-mah-bob), victory came with consequences. The young Angel was cursed by Ashmabob's blood and became a celestial of darkness. He lost his humanist form and became a shadow like being unable to take a recognizable shape. In return, Grimm's people banished him to their equivalent of Hell. After what the human brain would only be able to comprehend as several eternities, Grimm's will to live, along with his desperation, hatred for Ashmabob and hidden hatred for his people, allowed him to survive long enough for him to gain enough power and a "feeble demon" form. A complete pitch black body with only a mouth to eat was his accomplishment after devouring opposing demons and other entities he ran into in this version of Hell, as he struggled to survive. Until one day, he found a small boy who resembled a lemon alone and unconscious surrounded by lower demons. Spoilers, he ate them all and saved the child. After a small journey and a whole lot of suffering, Grimm's form upgraded, still pitch black, but with horns and a tall as fuck figure. (This dude is tall okay, like, lanky ass Mario wouldn't mess with this dude =-=) He also gained various shapeshifting abilities that manipulated things from his physical shape and insides. (More on that later..,) Anyway, at some point our Lil Lemon and Grimm were able to escape this parallel dimension of Hell, Lil Lemon calling him Big Brother Grimm. However, when appearing in the next world, Grimm lost his form and ended up having to depend on Lil Lemon to survive. (Kind of a venom situation if you will.) Now Big Brother Grimm resides with Lemon Juice, if not sealed away in Lemon Juice's left eye, he's disguised as a black school bag on Lemon's back.


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