Mejiro Dober
/ Competition Suit VRM v2.0

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No face expression, only skin with bone. Most used shader is VRM/MToon in Unity. I'll keep refine it, If I have time. If you got any problem when using it, please let me know. thx ;D Love Dober. ❤ ====================== 無表情版本,單純skin部分 絕大部分的 Shader 都是 Unity 裡的 VRM/MToon 我如果有時間我會持續優化她 如果使用上有任何問題歡迎回報給我 多伯最婆了❤❤❤ ====================== Change log: v2.0 Add outline. Fix shader color of shadow. Fix hair color.


by hkgo
by A.G
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