Rho Makita
/ Rho Makita
Powers: Crystallokinetic Constructs

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Rho Makita is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita. He is known to be cheerful, goofy, comical-like, gassy, and gluttonous. One of the jokesters of the Makita family, Rho loves to goof off a lot and can be ignorant to both his surroundings and other peoples feelings. He also loves to push peoples buttons and enjoys it. Rho loves to eat a lot, but tends to step his boundaries a little bit further and pushing his limits of how much his stomach can hold, which causes Rho's belly to expand soft blob piles of gelatinous blubber. Rho then throws up in the nearby bathroom while burping out in pain. Rho can be very insensitive to others feelings and discomfort whenever it comes to his jokes and pranks, and even makes fun of people for the sake of laughs from others, not giving a care whether it hurts the offended or not. His behavior eventually costed him to be kicked out of the household and, with no money let alone a wallet, was forced to live in the streets. Now, he became heartbroken, depressed, guilty, jealous, humbled, sorry, and suffering from loneliness. He would often be ridiculed and be a source of entertainment from others as he did with them. Going to a certain bar constantly, he was known as the angry ass-hat because of his bad reputation and habit of lashing out, filling shots of alcohol to the point that his tiny cup overflows. He drank alcohol for 3 weeks till he finally stopped, feeling as if it had no effect on his pain and only making it worse for him and everyone around him. When he sees Piers Nivans and Chris Redfield at the same bar he goes to, he asks if he could tag along with them since he has nothing better to do in life. Though Piers was reluctant at first, worried, he nevertheless gave an A-Okay on Rho's request. After Piers' death and escaping with Chris and a few other companions, he is now currently reliving with his family as a changed person with a changed personality: cheerful, kind-hearted, sweet, loving, considerate, superstitious-like, goofy, comical-like, a bit antisocial, and awkward.




by Joii
by Wady
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