Pyro Makita
/ Pyro Makita
Age: 22 Species: Anthropomorphic Fire Dragon Race: American/Greek/Japanese Powers: Fire Breath, Flame Rain, Flight, Pyrogenesis

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Pyro Makita is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita and a main protagonist. He is known to be hot-headed, ill-tempered, violent, arrogant, cheerful, kind-hearted, compassionate, goofy, profane, comical-like, and aggressive. Basically, Pyro has a constant huge temper that is difficult to maintain from time to time and has a huge rivalry with Neparon Makita, his middle brother and a Water Dragon. These two constantly bicker at each other and often does petty stuff, physically fight each other, etc. However, their rivalry has escalated further and became worse to the point that Pyro eventually grew to hate him after Neparon ruined Pyro's proposal to his girlfriend Kaule Takar, the Tropical Dragon, out of boredom. Pyro then left the household, furious and heartbroken. Upon arriving at Raccoon City to get a drink at the local diner, an outbreak occurred and Pyro was forced to escape along with some other survivors on foot due to his wing being bitten and infected from a zombie and thus was forced to tear both his wings and waiting to regenerate, which takes some time to heal. After having to escape on foot, he eventually encountered Neparon, and thus his intense hatred flares up. Neparon tries to reason to Pyro and asks if they can hug it out. Pyro wasn't having any of it, and began to beat Neparon by tackling and locking him on the ground with his body and repeatedly punching him. His fierce temper and anger further worsens, but Neparon takes the hits instead of fighting back, knowing that this was eventually gonna happen. Upon making the final blow with the objective to kill, his arm was grabbed tightly and was pulled away from Neparon. One of the survivors that pulled him back was named Roger Huggs, an R.P.D. officer, who managed to break up both of them. Pyro cooled down and immediately snapped out of his anger to witness the horrific damage he caused to Neparon. Neparon, bruised, bloody, and in intensive pain, expresses his guilt to Pyro and saying that he shouldn't have ruined the moment for him. Still holding that random goofy personality and smiling happily, he limped and dragged himself to the opposite direction, going home, until he was suddenly captured by a mutated flea monster and carried away. Pyro could only look back at everyone, now scared of him and further distancing themselves from him. Hurt and guilty, Pyro felt like his heart dropped to the ground and shattered, now forming tears of instant regret. Deciding not to stand around and watch, Pyro pulled himself together and chased after the flea monsters to save Neparon alone. With the help of the survivors, who came to his aid after being outnumbered, Pyro managed to kill them but was in shock to see that Neparon wasn't there. Fortunately, it wasn't long until Neparon came at the last minute, still bruised, to tell Pyro not to hurt anyone and told him that he doesn't care if they are rivals and just wants Pyro to open his eyes, only for Pyro to hug him tightly, relieved. After surviving the outbreak (file #1 and 2), he is currently reliving with his family again and married Kaule, who now became Kaule Makita.




by booger
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