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2 months ago
can I purchase it for business use?
1 year ago
@vivi I work you characters into many new Unity apps, I showcase here for you to review. Whether you are busy or not, we will continue cherish your work and advance them. Please tell all Japanese and Asian artists in their own language: FreeFormCreations@CCN studios will support and promote all your works for as long as you focus on your talents and believe in yourselves. All your works are important to the world, as you can see the world is changing and we need new ideas and concepts. You are the new world Vivi you are the new innovator of a new age of arts and games
1 year ago
@vivi you are just fine and do not need to lean something else Your mind is free to design, when you learn something professionally then your mind is limited, that is how people teach today. Most important element of art or design is the identification element e.g. If you see a Picasso painting you instantly identify it as a Picasso work. If you listen to a Beethoven music you instantly identify Beethoven as composer. Your designs, if I saw new ones , I instantly know they are Vivi designs. You do not need to learn anything professional, just design LOTS MORE! I will create some new versions of your characters in software and show it to you, see if you like and approve. Please Vivi just have Vivi thoughts, forget about professional training stuff ....
1 year ago
@DaraShayda I am glad to hear your praise! I need to learn to produce those because I lack the professional skills and knowledge. I can't do it now because my life is too busy, but it would be nice to do that when I have more time. New avatars will be added as they become available. Looking forward to it.
1 year ago
@vivi your work is classified under Anime Horror or Macabre and I propose for us to seriously consider making a "Vivi collection" with focus on this genre: https://www.netflix.com/ie/title/81295011 Your work is far better than this Netflix product, which I found disappointing. Your work is a cross between macabre and Neon Genesis Evangelion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_Genesis_Evangelion_(franchise) All it misses are the new animations and physics which we are adding + new texturemaps and more attention to the ribbon bundles. Otherwise WOW! Congrats Vivi I am stunned and so are my viewers from Brazil to Ireland to USA to France to Bangladesh ... and places I had no idea existed :) I know Japanese people are shy and reserved and probably my complimentary (with "i") comments might scare you off; as you are Japanese ... I am Dara ha ha ha ha :) Carry on with this amazing work...


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