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Chen Fu was born in Hong Kong, on July 25th in 2005. Chen spent 4 years living there, before moving to Taipei, Taiwan's capital. She had gotten into video games, and eventually Japanese culture, wanting to move to Japan. Her dream became true in 2019, as her father got a new job there. In October 2021, she met her friends Kino Fukuma, a half-Russian half-Japanese girl name Reiko Doroshenko, and a Japanese Brazilian named Calista Machida, in their history class. She also met a Chinese named Yahui Zhang through Kino. Chen is a wild person, especially around her friends. However, she also has a kind attitude towards them, especially towards those she hasn't seen in a while. In her free time, Chen either plays games, mostly Battlefield 4, or watches anime. Height: 5'4 (164cm) Languages: Native Chinese and fluent Japanese Favourite Colour: Pink Occupation: High School Student Countries Lived In: Hong Kong and Japan Countries Visited: N/A First Anime: Pokémon Favourite Anime: Attack on Titan Favourite Singer/Band: N/A Favourite Song: N/A Body Count: 0 Family: Heng Fu (Father) Wen Fu (Mother) Friends: Tatsu Iwasaki (Friend) Riho Hakuryu (Friend) Sanako Ikehata (Friend) Yahui Zhang (Friend) Kino Fukuma (Friend) Reiko Doroshenko (Friend) Calista Machida (Friend)

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