A true firepower enthusiast of this era, living in firepower and dying in firepower. As a member of the Counters Squad, it's a secret that everyone knows she's a spy. Firepower!!! Firepower!!! Firepower!!! p.s. Ancient Koreans are use the blank cannon shot a haunted house as one of the ways to exorcism.
canned ham

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The original Model is come's from Nikke: Goddess of Victory Name of Character: Neon The Ownership of this Original is belongs to Shift up Co., Ltd I modified the MMD file and the original file address is here. nikke-kr.com/art.html The second creative guidelines at the address below. nikke-kr.com/newsdetail.html?content_id=7f1c7167a445ca4a61a8938a9b94fbeff18e&sid=494&from=list&col_name=%EA%B3%B5%EC%A7%80 I have no right to claim the any copyright of this file. If the copyright holder requests it, I have an obligation to delete it immediately. last update of model data: 24-12-23


by zellx
by Ada
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