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Name: Shakui Mazuka
Powers: Morphogenetic Field, SHIFTing
Shakui Mazuka
/ Name: Shakui Mazuka
Powers: Morphogenetic Field, SHIFTing


Shakui Mazuka is a 2nd semester student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Prophet. As one of the main protagonists, he plays the silent type, completely quiet and only speaks when he feels like it (though only in class trials). He also avoids contact with the other classmates and giving them the cold shoulder. Shakui doesn't express much of his emotions, making him difficult to read let alone talk to. However, he does hang out with Thelor Braker, the Ultimate Criminal, who has Schizophrenia and has a problem of being lonely. Smart, calculative, and a prophet of the Lord, no truth will remain hidden for long once this guy is around. Also he's blunt. Ultimate: Prophet
by 玥夜
by Ichigo
by OW55 B
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