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Bonnie Sharon
Bonnie Sharon
/ Bonnie Sharon


Bonnie Sharon is an 11-year-old girl born from Cerri Sharon at the age of 14. they needed more people like Cerri so they went straight from the source, which resulted in 2 female twins. Bonnie and Merri were both experimented on and still are to this day. the experiments resulted in more thigh and calf muscles for the twin girls, A somewhat faster Body Regeneration, and superhuman feats Bonnie is the Dominate Twin, always being slightly extroverted, always Being Childish just for the fun of it. Bonnie is the Younger twin by 4 seconds. Bonnie Retained her mother's aggressiveness and fierceness, which would make her a threatening and formidable foe once she finishes her training thoroughly. She may be A Child but this doesn't stop her from being In-charge and dominant. she is a complete show-off and becomes whiny and pouty when something is limited by her age
by Brantk
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