Dominic Makita
/ Dominic Makita
Age: 18 Species: Mutant Race: American/Caucasian/Japanese Powers: Magma Constructs, Magmagenesis, Geokinesis, Blade Manifestation, Magma Immunity

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Dominic Makita is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita and the protagonist of his side story. He was known to be abusive, aggressive, strict, arrogant, selfish, ruthless, ignorant, twisted, antisocial, and careless. Dominic was merciless whenever there were problems that pisses him off, let alone angering him to the point of instant snapping. He is highly intelligent and has won trophies and awards that he earned via mechanical projects at a science fair. Sadly, not a lot of people pay attention to him and his fine work except his family, thus the reason why he's the way he is. He would soon take his anger out on his little cousin Doby Vokita, who received a lot of attention, love, and care by everyone and was even praised for learning things still way beyond, stirring up Dominic's hatred anger, and envy towards him. Worse yet, Dominic was assigned as a primary babysitter for Doby. A bad choice if I do say so myself. Thus, Doby's experience of domestic abuse begins. Dominic would first give him a strict and harsh command. Should Doby either refuse or becomes too indulged in whatever he's doing, he'll receive abusive methods from Dominic and left scarred and crying. However, after both been knocked unconscious by Amanda Wesker and taken to a small remoted island, Dominic fought for survival on his own. But that shortly lasted when Doby cried for him and screaming loudly, terrified to be left alone. Dominic ignored him, but Doby was determined as he screams towards him. Later that night, Doby was still crying from the top of his lungs, struggling as he crawls to try and find Dominic or anyone in particular. This was Doby's first time crawling, as he is usually picked up and carried by friends and family. When monsters began to emerge and ready to pounce, Doby stopped in his tracks and became paralyzed in fear. Luckily, Dominic managed to kill every single one, saving Doby's life. Dominic, amused that he survived this long, decides to protect him. After hearing this, Doby sat up and reached his arms towards Dominic, thinking he's going to pick him up and carry him. But Dominic, with his cruel and twisted nature, kicked Doby in the stomach, making it harder for him to breathe. Dominic grabbed his cheeks with one hand and fingers on each side, squeezing him tightly and reminding him that he'll protect him for sure, so long as Doby do stuff on his own from now on and not constantly relying on others to do his dirty work. Letting go and ordering him to crawl, Doby was forced to go back on his hands and feet, and then crawled alongside Dominic, who was walking to a nearby shaft. Throughout the journey to find and stop Amanda for good, Dominic used his strict side to make sure that Doby is being more obedient to his commands than being obedient inside his little fantasy world, and even forced him to do things that only another person could provide such as Doby's diaper changing, which he has to change with a new pair every time he made an accident on himself. Despite the demands Doby receives, Dominic began to have a change of heart as time passes on, slowly but both rapidly and eventually growing to love Doby. When Claire Redfield and Barry Burton came to their aid and rescued them via a chopper, Dominic helped both of them out using a rocket launcher and even allowing Doby to help a bit by placing his arm on the gun as if steadying. After killing Amanda and saving Barry, Dominic allowed Doby to cuddle with him and Doby says the only sentence "I wuv u" once, with Dominic smiling and replying "I love you too, Doby.", assuring that Dominic and Doby finally forged a strong bond of brotherly love of the two cousins. The next day, Dominic had his bags packed and told everyone that he's responsible for committing domestic abuse towards Doby before their kidnapping, even shedding a tear and voice cracking up, assuring everyone that he messed him up real bad and fully acknowledging just how cruel and pathetic that was and telling them that "As of today, I'll remove myself from the household. Have a good life everyone. Go out their be different in the proper way. Never do the same mistakes as I once did". Upon saying those words, he headed for the car that Barry hitched up for him to move to the boys dorm room. But suddenly, Dominic felt a hug on his leg and looks down to see Doby, implying to him that he already forgave him way before that and wishing to stay with him. Currently, Dominic and Doby are living as roommates, and the two supported one another despite the differences, traumas, hurting, limitations, and bitterness. Dominic finally has made himself a new personality: cheerful, bright, silly, goofy, comical-like, a brother/fatherly figure, tough, comical-like, childish, and awkward.




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