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Maero Makita
Powers: Animal Communication
Maero Makita
/ Maero Makita
Powers: Animal Communication


Maero Makita is a normal student at Hope's Peak High and the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita. Diagnosed with autism, he is known to be shy, antisocial, awkward-like, and quiet. Maero had a best friend name Vicago Sanskrit ever since elementary at 5th grade. This was due to Maero not having anybody because of his bullies that constantly abuse, manipulate, and torture the poor boy. Vicago was there for him until a murder happens and Maero was the number one suspect by others during the discovery of a normal student dead in the closet. Maero tried to prove his innocence, but he was backstabbed by Vicago by implying that he did because he's a witness of it all despite visiting his parents house just yesterday. Heartbroken, Maero fell silent as he was handcuffed and arrested for the murder he didn't commit, and watched as Vicago began to have more attention. Although Maero was cleared of suspicion, he hated going to school more than ever after being betrayed by his now ex-best friend and kept a lot of things to himself from now on. Not to mention that Maero is suffering from an alcoholic mother who constantly abuses him and an angrily abusive father. Even his step-siblings are allowed to bully him and physically torment him. However, he did have loads upon loads of dreams that symbolize what happened before and after the murder. Maero told the police the next day at school about what he saw in those dreams. Despite the two cops, name Yoto Kahiki and Fu Moreno, played it off as a joke, they playfully decided to listen. Their joking faces turned pale, shock, and cold of disbelief when Maero explained every detail of the dreams that occurred, which linked up to the current murder. Maero stated that the culprit was a lion, meaning that someone loves lions. Rodrigo Mendez, a bully who loves lions due to pride, was quickly apprehended and researched any fingerprints on the body and confirmed that Rodrigo's small tear on the back of his pants, where the buttocks are at, matched perfectly with the mysterious tear on the body. As main protagonist and an incarnate of Jurakan, Maero, his now reunited friend Vicago, and several others would eventually become a group that solves murder cases together throughout their everyday life and adventures.


by Joii
by ~~~
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