Kasane Teto
/ VOCAlight94 Version
NOTE: Some details presented in this 3D preview are not accurate to the final MMD model shown in the thumbnails and linked video showcase. Here's my personal take on Kasane Teto, a SynthesizerV Voice Bank made by TWINDRILL and AH-Software.

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This year I decided to make each of my Vocal Synths as VRoid/MMD models, so I could have MMD motions and videos as an option for my covers. Due to the limitations of both my art style and VRoid itself, I decided against trying to perfectly recreate characters with pre-existing character designs, and instead give them my own twist. That also comes with the bonus of being able to use them together and everyone looking like a cohesive unit. I took my UTAU design as sort of a base, and then changed things to make each character still look like themselves. Essentially I gave them very casual idol unit uniforms. As for what I changed between this 3D preview and the MMD version of the model, the most obvious differences would be her wings and belt/tail. I made these with the hair editor, and as a result they were initially rigged to her head and honestly looked really bad in the preview so I removed them here for that reason. The final MMD model has them though, properly rigged to her back and waist with working physics. I also managed to fix some of the rigging issues her shoulder pieces had, but I couldn't fix them entirely due to the low poly those meshes were. I also fixed some clipping issues she had with her sleeves around her wrists. Kasane Teto is a Voice Bank made by TWINDRILL and AH-Software for the program SynthesizerV by Dreamtonics. This is not my original character and just an interpretation of her I made for personal use.


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