Waw Makita
/ 4th Grade Waw Makita
Age: 7 Species: Human Race: Polynesian(Maori)/Puerto Rican/Japanese Powers: Balloon Mimicry, Body Inflation, Flatulence, Steatokinesis, Weather Manipulation, Electrogenesis

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Son of Maori and Phi Makita and a 4th grader at Hope's Peak High. An very childlike natured boy who plumped up only a few weeks. He's bullied for his sensitivity and for his weight, both physically and emotionally. He's also easily attached, as the case of M1ke, a doll made just for him and became so reliant on the doll he forgotten reality. However, he eventually snaps out of it when he enters a meltdown and weeps loudly as he hugs Gill for supportive comfort. Finally letting go of the obsession, Waw returns home with his sister, brother, and Gill. Waw struggles with his weight to the point that he tends to have a sudden wardrobe malfunction of any kind and eats a lot more than the boys in the family. He's very socially awkward but is very sweet and gentle.




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