Kora Kathyrin
/ Kora Kathyrin
Age: 32 Species: Human Race: Norwegian

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A worker at the Gravel Orphanage, Edward's guardian, and antagonist. On the outside, she is considered to be sweet, cheerful, energetic, and encouraging. But in reality, she is deranged, kinky, and a pedophile towards her male students. Her emotions towards Edward prove to get the better of her and she does whatever he desires, even if it results in murder. However, she is shown to have a more reluctant side of hers when confronted with murder conflicts and knowing that he's guilty, but still believing he's innocent because of her romantic love towards him. Thus, in the climax of any side stories, Kora tries to reason with Edward that he's a good boy and wishes to stop all of this and go back to the Gravel Orphanage. Unfortunately for her, she too ends up as one of Edward's murdered victims killed in cold blood, seeing that he has no more use of her, thus confirming her death.


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