Katrina Guardonas
/ Katrina Guardonas
Powers: Superior Hearing, Echolocation
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Katrina Guardonas is an ultimate student at Hope's Peak High and the daughter of Uno Guardonas. As the Ultimate Rumormonger, she is known to be very nosey, blunt, comical, goofy, weird, and a fast yet silent talker. Katrina, born from the Guardonas family, was gifted by God the most small yet powerful talent/gift: Superior Hearing, the ability to hear literally almost anything no matter how silent it is as well as Echolocation, the ability to hear soundwaves that touches anything that moves or is present. Problem is, she has a mouth that doesn't know when to keep quiet, and some of the boys avoid her for specific reasons because of it. Exposing a Precognition that foretells her older brother Yaquel, who has no talent, running from the candle that God had held on to so it won't be put out along with their gifts including the family and herself as well as their soon guests the Madrigal family, whereas her great grandfather, on the wheelchair, attempts to reclaim the gift only to be crushed by the debris. Everyone was horrified but also saddened because Yaquel, noticing how everyone is looking at him suspicious thanks to the precognition, immediately packed his stuff and left his home to live at the boys dorm of Hope's Peak High. Katrina, feeling guilty for what she caused, no longer gossiped about others privacy unless needed to be revealed for reasons. Though Yaquel still remains there, Katrina and Yaquel eventually grew a bond with each other that can never be broken, as Yaquel already forgave her from the very beginning. Currently, she is still living at home with her family, but has been a major character thanks to her powers in the class trials. Ultimate: Rumormonger


by Bry
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