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My name is 愛の達人Ai no tatsujin's, I am 19 years old and a student at Kyoto High, I was a D student Because I spend more time on drawing men and peeping in the men's bathroom, Like I got suspended twice for many reasons. The first time I got can't smelly men's underwear and wearing it on my head like that so hot! And the second reason I got suspended is me putting bugs in someone pant and being a creepy stalker. all the men in the school hated me because I was disgusting, disrespectful, and just being a crazy Pervert. one day I meet this student name ひろ子 酒久米 Hiroko sake Kume, and he is just as disgusting like me, so we hangout for a bit like, sharing ours perverted thought at the Kyoto Park, and getting some ice cream at the store, my favorite flavor is eel, and his favorite is squid ink, after we ate ice cream, we became best friends for life, some for his friends think I'm just a bad Influence on him but I don't care.


by MO
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