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Skull Girl Emerald
Skull Girl Pearl
/ Skull Girl Emerald
Venari Artist


Skull Girl with the Emerald Color. The mask is based off an emblem on one of my manga characters. The eyes inside the mask automatically blinks when Skull Girl blinks and will move downward automatically when she starts to close her eyes. The mask also has a manual key just like the facial expressions to allow the eyes to move up, down, left, right, wink in either eye, and manual blink/no eyes. There is also keys to stick out the tongue and while having that keyed you can manually key the tongue to move up, down, left, and right. You can purchase this model on my booth store for 1000 JPY aka about $10. Below is the link to my booth store. You can use these models for VTubing, manga, animation, or creating a video game with them, even if you make money off them or use them for commercial purposes. No credit to Venari Artist is necessary when using any of these models for these purposes. Do NOT resell this model, alter to sell, or redistribute it in any way besides what is mentioned in this text. The credit for creating this model goes to Venari Artist.
by rusty
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