Yuki kun
/ School Tme for Yuki Kun
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All boys school uniform for all seasons and weather. It's designed to keep young bodies healthy by allowing skin to breath freely with strategically placed ventilation cutouts while still looking stylish. Modest shorts feature useful cut-thru pockets. Also the sandals is perfect for all weather. It keeps feet cool in summer, and because of high platform it's easy to walk over snow without being frostbitten. Boys of this school is not allowed to have any type of clothes except this one at any time of year, even if they aren't in school. The school is located in mild climate so, with time of year, the temperature may vary from +30c to -20c. School has quiet big territory with buildings arranged in big circle around the plaza. Each building is dedicated to a single discipline. So boys of this school must go outside every lesson to change classes.


by ll Ql
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