DJ Sakikory
/ DJ Sakikory - Final

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"Ladies & Gentleman, let's welcome to deeejayy Sakikoryy" "Are you ready to turn you up with some music? Let's enjoy the show!" Like I said there is it, final set outfit for DJ Sakikory, the preview version has been deleted. Fixed chocker completely changed, added headset and another chocker-like on the shoulder.


3 years ago
Guys, I just found out that this model has messed up part, if you see the arm where there's the tattoo there is a black spot on it also on the legs, the issue that caused this is because I had to go off the bound during editing the tattoo in photoshop so the part of the texture is a bit broken. Also it's possible that during painting the glove I exceeded and painted the leg as well. Will fix as soon as possible also thank you for all the likes.


by Cyber
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