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/ Dragon Space Invader - For Yai 👾
Comment down below so I can make a character for you! Please be descriptive on what character you want !! (Requests are open again!)

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404DOTEXE made the dress and gloves


@sunflowerturtle Ok I’m so sorry for responding late I will start working on her !
1 year ago
Can I make a request? The character can be made how ever you like, but she has short dark purple hair that goes up to her neck, and a shark fin on her head ^^
@yai you can please give me credit if you use her for a vtuber model ! :>
1 year ago
Hello, please credit 404DOTEXE for the outfit assets
1 year ago
Hi! Where can I download her? ^^


by Be3up
by Jessi
by Tom
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