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/ Doggy Girl Remade 🦴
Comment down below so I can make a character for you! Please be descriptive on what character you want !! (Requests are open again!)

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@yoro I’m so sorry for the late response but I will!
1 year ago
Can you make a wolf avatar with short hair(brown), red and blue eyes, an oversized hoodie that’s red and black with a moon clip and symbol on the hoodie which is white and long sock(white) with black shoes? You have all my thanks @🐾✨🍑Peach🍑✨🐾 take the time you need🙏
@CherryTheVRPlay And sorry I can't do her because her design is kind of 18+ and i'm a minor i'm sorry!
@KendraIsQuiting I will try her design looks very complex but I will do my best!
1 year ago
@CherryTheVRPlay The anime? you want me to do bell-nee for you?


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