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Codename: Fork
Powers: Inhuman strength Disability: Severe Autism
Fork Rokata
/ Codename: Fork
Powers: Inhuman strength Disability: Severe Autism


Severely autistic, makes accidents out of the blue, constantly wants attention, and makes heavy baby steps. When he tries talking he basically makes loud noises. he'll laugh because he's excited to have a conversation. If the person wants nothing to do with him, he'll get frustrated and angry and will throw a tantrum. He lacks the knowledge of understanding other people's emotions and thoughts. In other words, he lacks the understanding of others expressions. He'll even throw a hissy fit if he doesn't get his favorite snack: Ice cream. He'll also cry and scream during his tantrum. He was going to high school like any normal teenager. He also has special needs people who have a hard time controlling him since all they can do is tell him yes, no, and tells him follow. Jurakan decided he can't have any special needs people since all they can do is talk and tell him something to do or trying to be patient. If you haven't guessed, his tantrums are known to be very destructive and out of control. Jurakan removed the special needs people and set himself as the replacement. So whenever Fork gets out of control, Jurakan brings out the painful punishment. Within a month Forks actions begin to change smoothly. Fork can't understand a lot of complicated words. But Jurakan uses a method like a whisper and makes him go through insane and amazing things to teach him what the world is and how it works as well as people. Jurakan makes sure Fork gets better of his actions at best thanks to the miracles of God. Fork also learns how to speak properly using his own voice and not an AAC. It was then that the school realize he doesn't need special needs people for his anger and rage because he is one of Deven Rokata's children and Umbrellas failed test subject. The school, defeated, has no choice but to have Jurakan take Fork to his father Deven and reunite. They also have no choice but to keep him in the school.
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