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Codename: Pimple
Pimple Rokata
/ Codename: Pimple


A boy who is born paralyzed due to weak bones and muscles. Pimple's brain process is that of a 1 year old baby and only knows one word: Mama. While he is in the same boat as Zayin's, the difference is that his voice is more like a high pitch nerd voice with the forming being that of a grown baby. It's the best way I can put it leave me alone. Also with no teeth (fun fact: He doesn't have teeth). Pimple can be very possessive for attention and will cry and scream if he is being ignored. Only if he knows you. If not, he'll cry and scream for someone that he does know. The only person fitting that description is Vase Rokata, his mother. Because she is deceased, he's been crying for his mother for a very long time. When shown of a video of his mother's corpse being burned in a furnace, he began having a panic attack similar to Zayin and Plu. The result being crying, screaming, panicking, devastation, and desperation. It wasn't the first time they've seen their mother burned to a crisp either. Basically, their emotions become extremely overwhelming. Knowing that his mother is dead, he no longer cries out for her. When he is around people, he cries out of fear and helplessness. Should someone get even close to him, he will begin to scream. It was Chi who harshly broke that fear and he was finally able to live a little normal now. He's still the way he is, but at least he doesn't cry out of fear of people.
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