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Codename: Long
Fao Long
/ Codename: Long


One of the kids in China who bullied Xao Chuo was Fao Long, who was known for his egotism and narcissism. When he heard about Hiruso being friends with Xao, he saw an opportunity to try and break up the friendship. Unfortunately for him, Hiruso and his friends are already aware of it and made it clear to him that they have no intention of leaving Xao behind because of his past. In psychotic fury, he attacked them but was defeated. When Xao confirmed to Fao that he forgave him, he saw the error of his ways and asked Xao to start over. Xao agreed. Long and Xao (now Chili) are best friends and roommates. Long also tells Chili that he is blind. They even discovered that their basically pigs, since Chili is a bit of a perve while Long is a bit gassy and lazy.
by Ash
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