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Peter Gardner is a student at Hope's Peak High and former famous YouTuber. He is known to be energetic, annoying, goofy, playful, stubborn, childish, and a jokester. As a YouTuber, he made let's plays, blogs, and pranks. He's also the class clown, often irritating everyone around him. However, one of his pranks went too far, when he purposely broke down a machine Marissa, a bullied girl, had created. Peter posted the video but received no good comments and a bunch load of dislikes. Re-watching the video, he was shocked as to what he just watched, as poor Marissa was being laughed at, humiliated, and tormented by the other students, one of whom was Peter's girlfriend and bully of Marissa. Peter confronted his girlfriend the next day at school, angry because Marissa received treatment she never deserved and the fact that he now realizes that the joke went too far. Unfortunately, His girlfriend, Exela Quillsburg btw, made a snarky comment as to how pathetic he is for caring about her and told him that they're breaking up, only to finish mid-sentence when one of the school's building's supporter fell onto her, crushing and killing Exela on the scene. Later that night, Peter started his stream as he breaks down into tears of grief and sorrow, reminding his viewers about how naïve he was and that he is officially quitting YouTube. A month has passed, and not one excitement from Peter has shown throughout the days, as Peter is struggling to grieve for the loss of Exela. Fortunately, Chi and his cousin/roommate Yaquel cheered up Peter, hanging out with him and comforting him when he needs some friends, since his ex-buddies quit on him after seeing him down for too long. Currently, Peter becomes Chi's friend and support buddy whenever he needs him.




by Chase
by Spirax
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