Lyndra Psalms
/ Hydrate
Age: 26-27 Species: Mutant Race: Canadian Powers: Hydrokinesis

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A member of Future Foundation and protagonist. Sweet, motherly, wise, charismatic, innocent-like, and full of compassion and forgiveness. Lyndra is widely known for her cheerfulness, albeit comical due to her agreeing with the person when they're right about something and known to be blunt with her whereabouts and thoughts. She's also very known to put her life at risk for the sake of others and give wise advice to her teammates. More specifically Black Spider, who she sometimes has to correct his actions, behaviors, and the way he thinks about being a leader. Thus, she is placed as the Advisor of the foundation. She's also wise with her mercy, giving a portion or fully depending on the person. She is codenamed Hydrate. Powers: Hydrokinesis: Lyndra has the power to manipulate water. This ability applies to sub powers such as Hydrogenesis, Cyclone Creation, Rain Manipulation, and Hydrokinetic Attacks. Water Healing: Lyndra can heal her allies using water, eliminating small and/or fatal wounds.


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