Kagamine Rin
/ 鏡音リン
Free download aviable!! Thank you for your support!!

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Happy 14th anniversary Kagamines !! About a week ago I finished making the Rin Kagamine model waiting for it to arrive today to finally make it public. I definitely had to make Rin's model, Len will no longer be alone hahaha. I'm still doing fixes and improvements to the Vroid models. I'm seeing big changes in the models, and I'm happy ^^. Anyway I hope you like it


Nee-Nee {ねえちゃん}
5 months ago
I' gonna use your rin clothing if you don't mind
Naila Zaki
2 years ago
its good but i can't download
2 years ago
To • Fìshî •: I really appreciate your comment ^^. But unfortunately I do not allow the download of my models. Although my models look good visually, they have errors and bugs that I still want to improve. But I do not rule out a possibility of opening the download for a limited time. So even while I wait you can understand the reason. Thanks.
• Fìshî •
2 years ago
Looks amazing!! Please make it usable though 🙏🏻 i really just wanna see myself as rin 😅 ur work is amazing tho keep it up!


by Jelly
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