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/ Libinika (Vault 42 Jumpsuit)
Because why not create variant's of the character outside of being a parody...

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Another showcase of Simplistic Vault 42 Jumpsuit on Female which i'd made myself drawn try it out or download it to make ur own OC... Terminal Log "DWELLER 605#3" if i looked at a woman named Libinika, i'd go insane because based what I'd heard to her claims of travelling through different universes, seeing different people and interacting them, and the weirdest part is she doesn't know anything what's going on in the world as I'm typing this, and she liked Norman enough that they talk so, I'd keep observing her more if she's a slaver, raider or whatever faction herself belong in this world. - The Vault 42 Overseer NOTE: This is fanfiction made by me...




by ll Ql
by Nuhu
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