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my name is 花が 咲くシャワー Hanaga sakushawā which is Japanese for Shower with flowers. I am a loud but sweet 18 years old with a tomboyish attitude, I love K-pop, rock and roll, death metal, anime, and face paint. I really Love rice but hated beef. I am best friends with Mochiuo raisudē. until one day meet Jiro when Mochiuo raisudē introduce me to a stranger name Jiro, I immediately became friend with her, then after I graduate from lemon balm high, I made the decision to leave the music club to start my own Band. I dream to have a Glam rock Band; I am now planning the band's name but don't know on one. she come with the name strawberry Rock but that was taken, Then Jiro come with and amazing idea it's call GrapeRock. I need to recruit member for my dream band, thank you Jiro for the idea.
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