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Montana Echudia
Montana Echudia
/ Montana Echudia


Montana, or how some say it Mama Kalie ( her 2nd favorite daughter). This woman had many kids ( 15 children ). Montana has never ever had a man stay with her more than a year. Montana is now 80 years old and still looking for love. this oldie goldie wants a hugely successful family, and to be the mother to lead them all. Montana still acts the same way she has been but ever since she started her huge family fiasco at the ripe age of 18. She may someday find true love, but she has family a big one, and the one she hangs out with the most is Kalie, Mananzia, and Nova. " you've should have seen her Boobs when she was younger and in her prime time of 34 years old". some say this old coot has even learned the art of arcane magic *says her last 20 Flings and 3 baby daddies* モンタナ、またはそれをママ・カリエ(彼女の2番目に好きな娘)と言う人もいます。 この女性にはたくさんの子供がいました(15人の子供)。 モンタナでは、男性が1年以上彼女と一緒にいることはありませんでした。 モンタナは現在80歳で、まだ愛を探しています。 このオールディーズのゴールディは、大成功を収めた家族を望んでおり、彼ら全員を率いる母親になりたいと思っています。 モンタナは今でも同じように行動しますが、18歳で大家族の大失敗を始めて以来、いつか本当の愛を見つけるかもしれませんが、家族には大きな家族がいて、最も付き合っているのは Kalie、Mananzia、およびNova。 「彼女が若くて34歳の最盛期に彼女のおっぱいを見るべきだった」。 この古いオオバンは不可解な魔法の芸術さえ学んだと言う人もいます*彼女の最後の20羽のフリングと3匹の赤ちゃんのお父さん*
4 months ago
Please let me download the skin 🙏
5 months ago
@... Sorry for the late reply but I could give you her to convert it into a VRchat character. Discord: Micesplice#3720 Email: you could ask for her and I could give you her. i do not know how to convert models yet.
5 months ago
how do I use her as a model in vrchat?
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