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Jamiel Quartz is a normal student at Hope's Peak High and one of Chi's classmates. He is known to be energetic, childish, playful, a foodie, friendly, and loud. Jamiel usually helps out his mother's (a manager) workplace: Walmart, as a volunteer and staff, usually as a deliverer. But he's also known to stir up trouble whenever he decides to have some wreckful fun. Jamiel even picks on other peoples nerves, Chi for example, and taunting them when he's threatened as if getting cocky. Jamiel took it too far, when he made fun of an immobile obese man name Klark Lensley, who is at the McDonald's area with his wife and kid, grieving the loss of his oldest daughter Ora Lensley and shedding tears as Jamiel makes fun of him for being fat. Jamiel was currently dating Keesha Jonas, one of Marissa Scholder's bullies, and just gives her money to satisfy her for sex. However, Jamiel decided to skip class with his friends, and immediately wailed and cried when he heard about the attack on Hope's Peak High and Keesha's death. Devastated, Jamiel began to reflect on his life choices and falling into depression. Chi, seeing that his friends are not being good friends by comforting him, decides to comfort him himself. Chi visits the Walmart building Jamiel's mother manages and helps out Jamiel with stocking products into boxes and growing closer to Jamiel. Jamiel now realizes the meaning of right and wrong and what a real friend is, and both eventually forged a strong bond with each other that can never be broken. Jamiel is now one of Chi's supportive allies.


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