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/ StrawberryCake


Project StrawberryCake - (My VRoid) 🍓 Project StrawberryCake is a Strawberry Shortcake Fan Characters Project made by Me Rosalinda Cortes aka Edwin Cortes. The Story is about a Anime Girl named StrawberryCake who goes across detentions through different Anime and Video Games such as Garena Speed Drifters, VRoid Mobile and Others. The name StrawberryCake came from Strawberry Shortcake Cartoon Series and My PlayStation Network Name StrawberryCake94. StrawberryCake is Voice by IBM America English Allison Text-to-Speech. Also Finally You will love StrawberryCake! She has Red Hair, Red Eyes and She wears Red Dress. She is Nice and Sweet Like Strawberry Shortcake but a little bit more Mature. Project StrawberryCake is a Anime and Videogames Crossover Fandom Series that will take time to make but I hope you enjoy it 😃 and Feel Free to helo Me and StrawberryCake become successful by creating Model, Music and Other ideas. This is a Fan Project so Time your time No Rush. Well that's My Description for The Playlist So Enjoy! 😃
by Honja
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