Rinoa Rhino
/ Rinoa Rhino
Age: 17-18 Species: Human Race: American Powers: Human-Rhinoceros Physiology/Superhuman Strength

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A senior year student at Hope's Peak High and older sister of Rocky. A feminist with constant energy and a more cheerful, girly, and positive attitude. When around other women. Males are what she despises the most regardless, being unreasonable, sour, and disgusted. Her hatred for men goes so far as to bully boys both physically and mentally. This was the case for Rocky, who had to suffer from his family's abuse towards him, with Rinoa marked as one of the family members. Any boy that gets too close to her would end up on the ground despite having normal and good intentions. Her assumptions will also go extreme when trying to "protect" women and beating men to a pulp and almost fatal. Her vulgar behavior eventually ended up making her humiliated and defeated, as Rocky, now an LDA member, saw how she treated an autistic boy that accidentally tripped between a girl's legs by beating him to a pulp despite being an accident and finally snapped, charging at her upon awakening to his CHI power and impaling her in the stomach via horn, thus having to be taken to the hospital while Ptahra, Rocky's current guardian, files the papers to relieve him of any pressing charges. Rinoa, having some time to collect her thoughts, decides to become a Masculinist and despise all women instead. She would throw everything she got towards a female should they hurt any man regardless. Rinoa would accept all boys and would even become attracted to them Simple-minded? Yes. Annoying and unbearable? Definitely.


by Donkey
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