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my name is 火の粉 指輪 Hinoko yubiwa. And I'm a rich girl enrolling into a wealthy school known as ガマデミアハイGamademiahai. I love swimming, eating ramen, Whale meat & Seafood, writing and making origami. My mother works at the seafood industry. My family lives a wealthy life Right near the ocean and I always go swimming with my older sister. I'm Also Best Friend with さくら キングキス Sakura Kingukisu And a few other, me and Sakura met at the ガマデミアハイGamademiaha the wealthiest school in Mito. we like to gossip about other, making them feel bad, and I also Spread rumors online and tell them not to support them. I also bully people because of my sesame allergy. Because of that, I always empty others that eat sesame seeds.


by Ari
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